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Fashion illustration

I grew up drawing my whole life, but at 15 I got obsessed with fashion. I actually got accepted into FIT in Manhattan but didn't pursue that route due to cost so instead I stuck with the beauty industry. I fell in love with fashion because I thought creating art that a woman can wear was so amusing. I've always wanted people to wear my art so for now the beauty industry still allows me to dress people but without fabric instead with pigments, so for me it still works!


Once I gave up on my fashion career and decided to stick to beauty it was hard to compete and I never stood out until I started offering Henna art back in 2013. It was very popular at the time because that's when Rihanna got her hand done so that helped me grow 4k followers on instagram and get a clientele rolling. I still offer this service at the salon and it will always have a sentimental value to me because it was the starter.


Microblading was my power, because of my art background I just knew exactly what to do to make the eyebrows compliment the face in the most perfect way to bring out my clients features. After learning microblading in 2014 my career took off.


Here's an image of the very first brides that I had styled for her wedding at our salon in 2014. I've made up numerous brides after this image but this is where the story began.

I love watercolor & Illustration

This is a very old sketch of a girl I made up, she's born from a rose. I've always been obsessed with the correlation between woman and flowers. They both symbolize the beauty and femininity of life, they're all so unique and beautiful in their own way once they bloom.

My inspiration

My inspiration always came from nature, mainly flowers. I love looking for Gods natural geometry surrounding us and incorporating it into my creations.


After graduating high school and beauty school being on set was my new dream. Thankfully I had a lot of opportunities on set. I worked with many production companies, photographers, celebrities, and models at a very young age doing hair and makeup.


I did this models hair and makeup back when I was 18 years old, I worked with one of the first photographers that supported me named Davide located in Metro Detroit, MI

What gives me purpose

I love my job but it's the purpose I serve that keeps me going. Being an artist, I thrive on art and creation. Money was never a big motivation for me, even at a point accomplishment seizes to fill what's needed to keep me going. The only thing that keeps me working so hard and giving the world my art is seeing how I can impact my clients confidence through beauty. The relationships I've built during my career are the marrow of what I thrive on. Seeing woman wear my art makes me feel fullfilled

Black and White Flower

Botanical illustration has always amused me. Microblading and henna took me away from drawing for 5 years, I missed art so much I had to find a way to get back into really drawing, that's why I started offering tattoos. That way I can design custom tattoos that symbolize deeper meaning to people and at the same time practice my art during my work time.

First Rose tattoo

This is my client Sydney, She allowed me to draw this on her before I had a big portfolio, I will always appreciate her for that. Later after this photo I tattoo'd her 3 more times and micro-bladed her eyebrows. We're also good friend now!

The brand

Having my own brand was always a dream but yet it was also necessary. A brand to an artist just means a signature. I plan on creating art during my whole life, so to me a brand is just a way to sign it at the end before you gift it to the world.


The reason I started my on-line microblading training company is because I didn't like how the microblading industry was training people. 3 day class for 3000 doesn't make sense to me, its dishonest. I wanted to create a space that offers more because I would like to help woman learn how to do what I do so they can do it in their city and create an even bigger impact on the world by giving more woman confidence.


I love photography, but I'm not good at it. I'm very good at directing it though, so I actually work with my sister Sema Alsaid who is an Emmy award winning film maker to create projects, photoshoots and content. She films and edits, I write and direct.


Here's one of the pictures my sister shot and edited and I did the makeup and directed the shoot.

Social Media

I get a lot of my inspiration from social media. I was born in 1993 so my generation is usually on their phone most of the time. I used to get my inspiration from Vogue magazine and runway shows but now I just follow all my favorite designers and artists and get inspired by the social community via my phone.

Rolling Dough

I can't stop creating, if I stop I think I would die literally. So at home I'm always cooking and baking because it's like the spices are a palette but instead of color it's flavor and the dishes come out as a result of your skill in using your tools. So I do express my self at home with cooking all the time and my family and husband love that.

Ice Cream Party

I love sweet things and I have fun decorating desserts and enjoying treats with good friends and family on my down time.

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