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Microblading Q & A

Q: What is the cost of microblading?

A: My microblading procedure starts at $400 and tops at $600 depending on the client but consultations and first follow ups  are free.


Q: Does it hurt?

A: Most clients describe the sensation as painless or minimal to slight discomfort. Topical anesthetic is applied and absorbed quickly so the area is numb during the procedure for the client’s comfort.


Q: How long does the procedure take?

A: Once you book, I block out 3 hours for the initial service even if we don't end up using all of it (We typically do) . The longest part of the service is the measurement not the actual microblading.


Q: How long does the healing process take?

A: The skin is not considered to be completely HEALED until after 30 days of a full cycle of cellular regeneration, but your procedure areas will appear and feel normal within 8-10 days.


Q: Are there any limitations after having the procedure?

A: You will be given a post procedure care E-mail and care kit after your brows have been microbladed further explaining the healing process. In short, the week after the procedure you should avoid things like saunas, chlorine, certain chemical face products, brow pencil, etc. After the brows are fully healed, there are no limitations. The pigment is smudge proof and you can resume your regular activities. Sunscreen is recommended to prevent fading.


Q: How long do the semi-permanent microbladed brows last?

A: Since Microblading is a manual tattooing method that isn't as deep as normal tattoos most clients will need a touch up with in 4-6 months.


Q: Are there different color options?

A: Of course! Each client receives a custom experience… from brow shape, hair growth pattern, to coloring. The color is based on your natural hair color.


Q: Do I need to schedule time off work?

A: It’s really not necessary. There is no down time following the procedure, but you tenderness and swelling are common on the day following the procedure.


Q: How long have you been microblading for?

A: I've been a certified cosmetologist since 2012, and I completed my microblading training course back in Manhattan in April of 2015, so this is my fourth year.

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